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Not sure what to be this Halloween? Here are 50 totally clever and absolutely original couples Halloween costumes sure to make you stand out.

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Need a Halloween costume idea? Here’s how to be every version of Kylie Jenner this Halloween.

MAKE A SMURF COSTUME Want to dress up as a Smurf for Halloween? Need a Smurf or Smurfette costume? Want to look exactly like …

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Anything and everything about ghosts in Texas – locations, stories, photos and investigations.

Platinum Blond Stewart wore a platinum blond wig with an outlined long-sleeved shirt for these pics.

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Hey dude, you’ll never get dissed by the ladies with this Chick Magnet Blond Wig! This Chick Magnet Blond Wig for men, made out of 100% synthetic fiber, features a

How to Dye a Synthetic Wig. Have you ever had problems with not being able to find the perfect shade of hair color for a character you’re dressing up as? If you have

Our Wrestling Star Wig features blue bandana on blonde, synthetic hair, plus a signature blonde moustache. Top your wrestler costume with a Wrestling Star Wig…

Show everyone how much you love the 1980s with a prime selection of ’80s costumes and accessories that are totally rad, dude.

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